Every man wants to have a big, wide penis. Penis enlargement is the first thought in everyone’s mind who has a small or medium-sized penis.

Most men think their penis is small but the average size of a penis in erected form is 4-6 inches.

According to las vegas escorts, Penis enlargement exercises work as your penis tissues can stretch and grow in size.

The main factor that plays a role in penis enlargement is how you perform these exercises as doing penis enlargement exercises in the wrong form can cause tissue damage and other erectile problems.

You have to take care of many things to perform penis enlargement exercises.

Points to keep in mind

  • Prepare yourself before penis exercise
  • Keep in mind important factors
  • Penis enlargement exercises show results on regular follow up
  • Results will get visible within 3-6 months depending on your proper form.

Take measurements

For getting any noticeable result first take proper measurements of your penis size

Measurements to be taken are:-

  • Measure the flaccid penis length with a ruler
    • Measure the flaccid penis girth
    • Measure erected penis
    • Measure erected girth

After taking all four measurements, note them down in a chart for keeping a track record of changes in penis size.

Factors to keep in mind

  • Drink enough water, as water helps in enlarging the size of muscles and tissues.
  • Eat healthy organic diet, make sure your diet has maximum nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • Avoid processed foods and artificially flavored drinks.
  • Develop a state of mental relaxation to stimulate better growth.
  • Do regular cardiovascular and weight training exercises for strength.

Escort recommended penis enlargement exercises

  • Basic warm-up:- First thing you need to do before performing any exercise is the basic warm-up of the penis with towels soaked in warm water to increase blood flow.
  • Cool-down:- After a warm-up of 10 minutes you need to perform cool down by soaking your penis in a bowl of water. These two steps will remove any swelling and improve blood flow which is helpful in penis enlargement.
  • Stretching:- Perform stretching exercise by applying enough lubricant on your penis, use your finger and thumb for holding the penis and stretch it slowly in different positions like:-
  • Upward stretching
  • Downward stretching
  • Round rotation
  • Left and right stretching
  • Jelqing:- Jelqing is a process like milking, in which like people milk cows, you need to massage and stretch your penis in downward strokes with mild grip and lotion. This exercise will increase the length of the penis by stretching the tissues. Do 20-25 reps of this exercise per day to get results.
  • Big ten:- This exercise is similar to jelqing but in big ten, you hold your penis with your whole hand and while stretching, hold that stretch at away from your body for a minute and then cool penis down with light massage. Perform 10 reps of 2 minutes each to get results.
  • Girth jelq:- In this exercise, you need to hold your penis between your hands in an erected position, facing your fingers in penis head direction. Then you need to press your hands for 60 seconds to squeeze the penis and release it for 10 seconds. Performing this exercise will increase your penis girth.

These are some exercises that professional male escort recommend for penis enlargement.

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