How 10 beloved brands make their products is a question we all must answer every morning. It takes time and research to find out the true stories behind these popular brands. The ten companies I will expose in this article will show you how they go beyond the stereotypes to create a product that everyone loves.

In 1998, the world was introduced to Ella-Flip when it launched its first “Flip”. This innovative product had nozzles under each of the heel’s heels to increase the comfort level. It was quickly embraced by the fashion conscious women and soon became an immediate success. The company has gone on to produce hundreds of “Flips” and has seen great success in doing so. Ella-Flip now makes shoes for men and women.

Next we have J.C Penny, who is instantly recognisable from their annual “Penny Pinchers” sale. All you have to do is spend twenty dollars at their website and you will instantly be able to see what they are famous for. I am sure you will also love their “All-American” range, shoes, casual wear and accessories. You will love the fact that they are part of the Reebok/Penny group.

Next we have Victoria’s Secret, who is at the top of every woman’s wish list. Their ranges are always considered to be cutting edge and very stylish. As well as their underwear, they have other products such as lingerie, bras and even plus size clothing. Victoria’s Secret is also known for the quality of their products and the high level of customer service that go into making each one. You don’t get this from any other companies.

We come back to the Reebok/Penny group. They were founded by two American guys who decided that every child needed to have a pair of running shoes. So they began their business in the year 1996. They have built up a huge brand by providing quality running shoes and other athletic wear. It all started with a couple of basketball players, who wanted to create a better product for sports. And they have kept on growing ever since.

If you want to know how 10 beloved brands make their products, then look no further than your local department store. Look at the racks and shelves of shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories. Try on different styles and colors to find the ones that suit you best. If you like designer shoes, try visiting your local stores that sell those brands. You can also take a look online for more great shopping ideas.